“Akashic Tips for Asking Those BIG Questions!”

Recently one of my Module A (learn how to access and explore your Akashic Records) grads sent me an email. I was delighted to hear from her!

While “Grace” was very pleased overall with her progress in her Records since her training, there was one area she seemed to be stuck. It was one of those BIG questions.

This is not uncommon. We get excited about a topic and often tend to launch directly into one of those big questions such as:

How do I meet the love of my life?
What career will truly fulfill my passion to serve?
Where can I live that I’ll finally feel welcome and at home?

And then we can feel frustrated when we don’t receive what I call a “black and white” answer to our question.

The problem is not the question, so much as the approach.
It’s like attempting to hit a nail with a big energy hammer, and ending up hitting your thumb instead because you’re not in alignment to hit the nail – yet.

woman hammering a nail

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You have at least two options.

The first is to request a session with a professional Akashic Facilitator – which is what Grace did.
This will bring the two of you into your Records and whenever two or more are gathered, the Akashic Alliance™ community has proved repeatedly that more Divine and Akashic energy is available. Plus, you have the added advantage of an impartial second viewpoint when you’re stuck in tunnel vision because something is very emotional or intense for you.

The second option is to approach your topic laterally instead of head on.
This is what I suggested to Grace to try first so she could begin to clear away some of the debris that was blocking this information for her and begin to get more clarity.

Her topic was a very popular one – What is my Life Purpose?

Here are some of the questions I offered to Grace to present to her Records:

  • What is the best definition you can share with me now about what a Life Purpose is? (This is not restating what you’ve read or believe. Instead, be very open to your Soul’s definition of this term. Replace Life Purpose with your big question in all these questions.)
  • What does a Life Purpose encompass, include, cover?
  • What assumptions – known and unknown – do I have about what would constitute my Life Purpose?
  • What other name might this information be called?
  • Why am I particularly interested in finding my Life Purpose? What am I looking for? Why is this information important to me now?
  • What, if any, could be the benefits of knowing what my Life Purpose is at this time?
    What, if anything, could be detrimental in knowing what my Life Purpose is at this time?
  • How would this information help me, change my life for the better, make X (fill in the blank) clearer to me, or would it not?
  • How would my life be different if I knew my Life Purpose?
  • What hinders me from understanding my Life Purpose better? Erroneous beliefs, past life issues, ancestral issues, detrimental emotions, current life issues, etc.? Be open to any and everything. IF more than one of these areas comes up for review, ask which one is most significant for you now and explore that one first. Invoke Divine Direct Action (DDA) to complete any clearing work required before moving on to the next.
  • What would be most beneficial for me to do or understand to prepare me to receive my Life Purpose? If it is a ritual or ceremony, walk me through all the steps.

And then that final magic question:

  • Is it in my highest good to understand my Life Purpose now? If not, when would be a better time? Why is that?

I hope you can see that these questions don’t hit that pesky nail on the head. Instead, they are allied warm up questions to help you achieve greater alignment with your Life Purpose (or your big question) and help you to let go of any pre-conceived notions you may have about what a proper one would be.


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NOTE:  After you get that Life Purpose definition from the Records, if you ask all the rest of the questions as a group, it’s a potent way to let go of your assumptions, performance fears, or tunnel vision, and get very curious about where your Records will begin. Curiosity is your place of power in your Records!

Grace replied that she very much appreciated my helping her understand that a variety of questions could be asked to help her receive the information she sought. I hope she’ll continue her own Akashic explorations using any questions I offered or creating her own more personally relevant ones which would always be best. (Remember, you can always ask your Records for the best questions about a topic.)

If she’s still not quite clear on her Life Purpose – Grace will have done lots of stellar clearing work around it. Her answer could then come sometime when she least expects it (when her conscious mind is relaxed).

If not, then she could ask her Records which one of the professional Akashic Facilitators I recommended would be best for her to work with for greater depth on particular topic.

However, Grace moves forward, I’m sure her Records will guide her to the exact best next steps on her Akashic journey. Because that’s exactly what your Records do!

If you’d like to explore some of your BIG questions with your Records, would this be the time to request an Akashic Session with one of the many professional facilitators now available? I do love to recommend my experienced Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators!

Or is it perhaps time now to learn how to tap into your Akashic Records (Summer 2022 Module A) to find your own answers or dive deeper and learn to access the Records of Others during my next Live Zoom Module B training? Either way, send me a quick email with some good times to chat and I’ll make a time to call you.

I’d love to have you join us and experience the fullness of your life the Akashic Way!

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –

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