“Akashic Records Gift: Activate Your Divine Diamond”

I’m so excited about this new Akashic Records process I received this fall from the Records, that I’m gifting it now with my love to all who read or listen to this post. That’s right – you won’t have to wait till the holidays for this special gift!

“Akashic Records Gift:  Activate Your Divine Diamond”

If you initiate and then regularly nurture this Akashic process with your attention, I know your Divine Diamond will support and enhance whatever you direct it towards. Know, that you can access your Records for this or simply engage with your intuition. Either will work!

The purpose of this process is to surround you and your project with Divine Support. You and your most significant goal, project, intention, etc. are centered in the middle of this powerful symbol. Each of the four points of the diamond carries the energy of a Deity, Highest Being of Light, Ascended Master, Archangel, Mythical Hero/Heroine, Element, and/or Overlighting Deva, etc. These four Sacred Beings have come now to accompany you on your earth walk to assist you to achieve your stated purpose with grace and ease. You may see them, feel their presence, hear their names, or just know who steps up to each point as you go through this process.

There are four simple parts to this process and I’ll walk you through each one in this post. I welcome you to read through this process and then listen to the 18 minute MP3 audio in which I take you through the entire process. (You can pause whenever it’s appropriate.) This Divine Diamond process was published in November by the popular international online magazine:  The Magic Happens.

PART 1: 
 Let’s begin with Heart Integration to set your Sacred Space and place you in front of the Divine. Heart Integration is another dynamic Akashic prayer process that can also be used for clearing and releasing. It is a powerful activator and has five simple steps. I encourage you to actively use your imagination all the way through Heart Integration as your imagination is how your soul communicates with you.

Step 1:  Place one or both of your hands on the center of your chest – your heart center.

Step 2:  Take several full breaths and relax.

Step 3:  As you continue to breathe and relax, become aware of and welcome:

a.  The warmth or coolness of your hand as it rests gently on your chest.
b.  This helps you to begin to connect with your physical body. Be present in your physical body. Release any tightness or tension you may feel.
c.  Continue by becoming aware of and welcoming each of your other levels of being – your emotional body, your mental body, and then your spiritual body.
d.  Bring this expanded awareness of who you are and what you are back to your heart center. Allow it to expand and ignite your heart light, your Inner Divinity.

Step 4:  Visualize, sense, know or simply affirm that your Heart Light is now merging with All That Is –  what is most sacred and holy to you.

Step 5:  Be aware of the Divine Presence however it comes to you. This is your time to request Divine  Assistance or to simply receive whatever is for your highest good. If it resonates, I invite you to read the following prayer aloud or silently. It’s one way to ask the Divine to assist you during the rest of the Divine Diamond process.

“I welcome the Divine to release from me now anything that would hinder me, known and unknown, from activating my Divine Diamond to the best of my ability at this time. I know this is now released by the Love and Grace of the Divine from every level of my being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.), through all times and all dimensions. I breathe in this Divine Energy and allow it to fill me, center me, and bless me. I give thanks for this, as I know it is already done. And So It Is.” Breathe and relax.

PART 2:  Write down your most significant goal, project, intention, etc. – whatever you’d like Divine Support for at this time. 
Keep it short and simple. Rewrite a few times, if that’s what it takes to find clarity. If you can’t easily understand your request, then refine it some more until you can. If you have several areas of your life where support would be appreciated – pick your most important one, the one you’re most excited about achieving. (You can always repeat this process again at a later date to activate and support another area of your life.)

PART 3:  The following is a
 suggestion of one way to structure the four points(If your project would benefit from different point activators, then please use them!) You’ll notice this Divine Diamond has four points. You and your project are always present in the center of the Diamond. Invoke each point and note what you receive for the Highest Being for each point. You may find that the Sacred Being for each point simply comes to you and then you’ll find out their particular purpose. Either way it works for you is perfect!

Point 1:   Remover of All Obstacles
Point 2:  At your right hand – Active Masculine who will help you to take real life steps to achieve your goals.
Point 3:  At your left hand – Responsive Feminine who will give you access to greater intuition and receptivity.
Point 4:  The One who stands behind you to steers you and your entire project towards success for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.
Center:  Your place – you can be sitting or standing. If you like, you even have room for a comfy chair! The diamond symbol can remain the bright, golden Light of the Divine or you may find it shifts to a different color that’s more supportive of your project. For example: pink for relationships or green for healing. Or it may remain the all-purpose bright, golden Light of the Divine.

Here’s what your Divine Diamond looks like now. You can add your Sacred Being for each point next to the number and any notes you may receive about each one.

PART 4:  Know these Beings are now supporting you whether you can clearly identify them or not.
 See, feel, or know this symbol is present around you now. Request the assistance of each of these Beings as you focus one by one on each point, beginning with the first one. Have a real conversation with them, like they’re a panel of the best experts or a powerful Board of Directors who have come together to assist you.

Since this is an active, ongoing process that you desire, you may well find that your Divine Diamond activates most strongly when you’re walking. As you physically move forward, you’re symbolically moving forward in your life, moving forward in your project. So walk around in your house or go outside into nature or wherever you find yourself. Walk and talk with your four Divine Agents. They are all around you. They are waiting to assist you!

When you feel complete, thank these Sacred Beings and release your Divine Diamond to continue to work on your behalf until you connect again. Nurture this symbol frequently with your attention.

This is an introduction to this process. The more frequently you connect
with this symbol and these Beings, the more progress you’ll notice.

  • You might experience new and productive ideas.
  • People who can be of most help may appear with grace and ease.
  • You might discover you have more vitality to complete your part of what is required.
  • And the list of ways this symbol can activate goes on.

It’s like the Divine is now actively conspiring with you to bring all you desire (and more) into reality! You just have to show up and connect.

When you setup another Divine Diamond for a different project or perhaps to assist your most significant life purpose, you may find the meaning of the four points and the identity of the four related supportive Beings change to better collaborate with you for your new purpose.

So how are you doing? If you’d like to accelerate your Divine Diamond, your Records and I would be delighted to assist you.  Or is it perhaps time to stop focusing on your imperfections and instead to begin highlighting your amazing strengths and areas of expertise? I’d love to hear from you!

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Radiance and Love –