“Akashic Fairy Tale of a Magical New Year’s Eve”

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As we step into these new energies of 2018, I invite you join me in what may seem like a fairy tale to you. Much to my surprise, this is the article that came from the Akashic Records when I asked them what to write for January.

For me, this Akashic “story” is how I’m choosing to see my world as I enter into this new year. I believe that at every moment, we’re all given the opportunity of choice. Our choices then create the world we experience. One of your choices can be to accept more Divine Guidance and Assistance through energetic spiritual experiences for your highest good, such as this Akashic New Year Infusion.

If you’re wondering what the Akashic Records are, here’s my simple definition. The Akashic Records, or Akashic Field, are a dynamic reservoir of information about your Soul. Included are every thought, word, deed, emotion and intention of your Soul throughout all its lifetimes. Through your Records you can connect to higher aspects of yourself and to the Divine.

Please note: Since this article wasn’t available to you for this New Year’s Eve, whenever you do read this, the Records assure me that you will have the opportunity to welcome this Akashic New Year Infusion. Or not! If you do welcome it, know this Infusion is available for you at midnight your local time on the evening you read this article, while you’re resting or sleeping – just like the story says.

So let us begin . . .

“Akashic Fairy Tale of a Magical New Year’s Eve”

At the stroke of midnight tonight, while you’re resting or sleeping, a special energetic infusion is gently offered to you from the Akashic Records.

It is your choice whether you accept this Infusion or not. Your Soul will know whether it’s right for you.

This Infusion, helps you release the past, making more room for what is available now.

Yes – instead of continuing to carry all those old beliefs, scary fears, failures, grudges, disappointments, perceived imperfections, pains, and challenging experiences that hindered you in the past, you welcome a bold new proposition. To set all these “pains” aside! (Know you can always go back and activate them again, if you decide you can’t live the life you love without them.)

Are you with me? Just for this moment, imagine that late this evening, while you’re resting or sleeping, you’re suddenly able to put aside all that has hindered your soul’s growth – whether large or small. You put it all aside easily and gracefully, even if you’re sound asleep.

Then when you wake the next morning, you start the new year with a totally clean slate. You are present here now – not stuck in the past or afraid of what may come in the future.

Perhaps you might allow yourself to breathe and relax into this . . .

What would your life look like, feel like, be – without all that old stuff you’ve been lugging around all these years?

How does it feel to be open, without expectations or assumptions, to all this new year brings to you?

With no back files of old disasters, you step forth into this year fresh and new with childlike innocence firmly in place. With this Akashic Infusion, you can choose, if you like, to know that you have all the resources, expertise, support and wisdom required for the year ahead. That you finally know enough. Will you let yourself, in this moment, be good enough? Let yourself accept you just as you are?

You could know for your highest good and the highest good of this world and everyone and everything – that all your best dreams are possible. No – more than that. Not just possible – are actually forming right now.

You may not know how that’s possible. That’s okay. That’s not your job.

Deep in your heart, not your mind, discover that your dreams are possible. And that the dreaming is what’s most important. You realize the key to manifesting your dreams is your own inner peace. As you absorb this idea, you understand your inner peace is a reflection of worldwide peace. Our world simply can’t be at peace without you. That’s why your inner peace is so important.

Imagine now, if you like, that everyone is starting this year in the same way, welcoming this Akashic Infusion. Hmmm… Going even a bit deeper now, imagine that everyone starts every year this way! That this fresh start becomes the natural, human way of welcoming the new year.

The above is how the Records describe the Ascension Process to me.
Instead of longing to leave our bodies to ascend to some other “perfect” place, we stay present on this planet. Together with Akashic Infusions like this one for the beginning of 2018 and countless other avenues of growing in Divine Grace, we are co-creating a beautiful, healthy, and happy world right here.

Will you join me in welcoming this 2018 Akashic Infusion? Will you let this “fairy tale” of a magical experience the night you read this become your Truth? Let’s do this!

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New Year Bonus:  To discover what’s available during your Personal Year, please refer to my January 2016 article for The Magic Happens titled Discover Your True Focus for 2016!” Every January, I see what my focus is for the upcoming year by checking the numerology for my new Personal Year. That article gives you everything you require to do this for yourself. It only takes a few minutes and I think you’ll be glad you did!

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Happy New Year!

Radiance and Love –