“A New Burst of Clarity”

When you’re transitioning into a new life, do you find sometimes the vision that’s crystal clear to you, remains muddled to others? Perhaps that’s because you’re still gaining clarity on how the new you walks and talks.

That’s what happened to me after my June post about how my life abruptly changed focus.

I was first aware of my vagueness shortly after I posted, when my husband Bill kindly asked me: “It’s very clear from your post that you’re moving away from lots of Akashic work and focusing much more on self-care. I was so excited for you! And then you offered that full column of ‘Akashic Opportunities!’ Now I’m confused. Are you looking after you or are you open for Akashic business?”

Needless to say he had my attention! Then I realized probably some of you were also wondering.


So let’s clear this up!

The big shift for me is that I’m no longer living my life with Akashic Focus emblazoned on my forehead.
Now I’m devoting much of my time to taking excellent care of my health, visiting with friends, and thinking about other fun projects – like planning holidays. Occasionally a delightful client appears or I attend to website issues.

I don’t have tunnel vision focused solely on what I thought were my carved-in-stone yearly essential commitments for building my business while being of service to all my prospective clients / learners.

I’ve quit holding space 24/7 that the training dates stated for each year would be filled and overflowing to create a wait list for the next.

I’ve cancelled the broadcast of my energetic message that I was available for clients five days a week – every week – and nights and weekends in a pinch. (I’m now happy to have a maximum of four Akashic Session clients a month.)


I’m no longer committed to posting a riveting Akashic Inspiration with amazing graphics on the first of every single month while intending that my readership expands exponentially each month.

Whew! Oh joy! Oh rapture! What freedom to let this all go!

Instead, I’ve turned all energetic hand holding and marketing over to your personal Records and highest guides.
 I am now knowing and trusting that YOU will listen for your guidance – however it comes.

I’m also choosing to work with only a select few – those who are dedicated to their spiritual development and are eager and able to do the inner work their souls desire.

It’s no longer my job to keep opening the Akashic doorway and saying: “Hello? Is anyone interested in anything Akashic? Anyone here? I’m here!”

I’m excited to let you be responsible to know when it’s time to have an Akashic Session or train to access your Records and more. Are you getting my vision now?


It’s a subtle shift in emphasis when written down in black and white. And it’s been a HUGE energy shift for me.

Instead of me doing my best to manifest what I perceived was mine to offer
, I’m now waiting to respond to YOU, so we can co-create what is for your highest good.

And . . . that’s exactly what’s been happening!

Over the past month, clients have definitely responded to my energetic shift of perspective by requesting either a Discovery Call through my website if they’re new or emailing me for a session if they’re returning clients.

At the end of her Akashic Session, a new client who’d worked brilliantly with her Records, asked me to add her name to my next training.

The Akashic Field of that Module A is now busily gathering energy, attracting just the right three to seven people to be her best learning partners! I have no doubt it will be taught at the time and in the way that works best for us all. It’s out of my hands and into yours. Let’s chat if you’re interested.

The only aspect I’m energetically supporting each month is the Monthly Akashic Group Infusions – “MAGI.”
My Records were very clear that this unique and easy Akashic spiritual practice continues to be vital for my personal growth.

Therefore, during the middle of each month I access the Records of our MAGI subscription group and document the Akashic Infusions given. MAGI welcomes new subscribers because we know we are even more powerful when more of us gather in the Light of the Divine.

So how am I doing? Does the “Akashic Opportunities” column to the right make more sense to you now?

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –