I enjoyed hearing the questions of the other participants, and especially their issues as we worked through the processes and the facilitator’s responses. We had multiple opportunities to access the Records during the training, so none were overwhelming but we had the...

I foresee many uses for this modality in my work, both professionally and personally. It offers yet another resource of Spirit to enhance one’s life.

I now have an important tool for conducting my life. I know who to turn to when I have questions. I feel empowered in taking responsibility for myself. 

I received clear and concise understanding of what, how, and where to use my Akashic Records. I am now prepared to walk in the world with tools to bring more harmony to all. 

I discovered the Records hold unlimited potential for growth and understanding. I found the clarity of the process most helpful. The pacing was good, so I never felt rushed. The manual was also very helpful so I could listen more and write fewer notes.