Forgiving myself for my biggest regret in my life, not being there to protect my daughter when she was 6. Less pain, moving more freely, able to push through the pain. Joy, so much happier now 🙂

I feel my inner space has increased and my intuitive self is becoming stronger. I was allowed a deeper experience of the habits I wish to release as a gentle yet very effective reminder of my desire to let them go.

I have been working on forgiving family members and myself. The Christmas family visit was a huge improvement over the summer visit. I’ve also been conscious of the need to release old patterns pertaining to my mom. Hopefully this is helping that too.

Last week, I had a period of an hour or so that I felt totally euphoric. This week, things that might normally bug me, I find myself asking self is that really so important? Let it go. Feels really good to do that.

Increased empowerment of self.