“This is an awesome training and an introduction to a spiritual community with much integrity that I feel will really ground my healing practice. Very grateful for it all as I integrate and expand!”

“I feel as though my integration of the material – so much of it! – will continue and that I will build upon it and become more competent with practice. The manual – along with the personal notes I wrote while in the workshop – will be extremely valuable to me in my...

“Doing this work with others, being in our Records together is so powerful. It is like a great turbo charge.”

“Sandira, you were terrific. You are so gentle, loving, and intentional about giving us the best experience possible. Many thanks to you, your Akashic Alliance partners, and ALL things that helped in creating Module B.”

“Module B provides a quantum leap in Akashic Record work and is a life-changing experience to be cherished. I found this to be a very profound workshop.”