Complete Module A Manual PDF

This manual minimizes your need for extensive notes, so you can relax, sit back, and easily absorb each section. It’s loaded with relevant content, Integration Processes to integrate everything you have learned so far, Akashic Tips, and bonus materials. The manual, easiest to use when printed, offers plenty of room to write your personal notes, so you have everything in one place.

After you’ve completed Section 3, Sandra will mail you several easy to use Method to Open and Prayer of Forgiveness cards! You’ll want to keep one handy to access your Records wherever you are.

“Loved the very complete and easy to follow Training Manual and the diversity of the many Integration Processes, which gave me first-hand experience with working in the Records and receiving wonderful information!”

“I’m looking forward to going back over the manual and practicing again and again, and listening to the Sections again too.”

“I appreciated how the class is designed to spread out over many weeks so I had plenty of time to practice.”