Akashic Training Infusion

This innovative Akashic process gently and gracefully releases, through all your lifetimes for your highest good, anything hindering your upcoming Akashic learning process. This Infusion also initiates several specific energetic connections between you and your Records – to bring all levels of your being into the highest energetic alignment for the training. Your Infusion begins the moment you activate your member profile and before you listen to even one recording or open the manual. It continues to support you gently for the duration of the entire training. You also receive a detailed Infusion Report and guidance on how to enjoy this unique part of your training.

“I found the Akashic Training Infusion to be very powerful. I felt a surge and then a positive energy undercurrent throughout the training. Synchronicities began happening much more rapidly than they had been. I knew something real was happening, and was excited to know that I was involved in a very profound and powerful Akashic training.”