16 Hours Live Audio Training: Two-Hour Sections

Working closely with the Manual, you’ll be taken step by step through everything you require to successfully access and explore your Records. The wonderful questions from the five live participants and answers that Sandra brings from the Group’s Records bring you additional Akashic wisdom and practical ideas, while answering many questions you may have. Explore exciting Integration Processes in real time with the group. Then listen they share their experiences with you to deepen your insights. Move along at your own speed, pausing or replaying as you desire. Best of all, once you’ve listened to all eight sections, you can go back and refresh the entire series or just the parts you choose. This is an invaluable learning aid.

“Each section added more to the experience. I really enjoyed having it broken up into eight sections and while I wish I’d practiced more, I do feel good about what I was able to complete and I’m inspired to keep practicing.”

“I felt the energy build from Section to Section and looked forward to them every week. Having the training in Sections gave me time to integrate some of the bigger shifts and practice between each section.”

“Having time to actually complete Integration Processes during the Sections and coming back again to hear the group’s sharing was a good mix.”

“I totally loved the conference calls and the group that came together. Every participant’s input was really helpful and powerful. I learned a lot from other participants’ questions too.”