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After years as a busy naturopath in country Australia, Sandra entered the Melbourne corporate world by assisting Honeywell Avionics through all aspects of building a new research facility. When guided to relocate to America, Sandra helped create the innovative Park Scholarship program at North Carolina State University. Such varied experiences honed her innate skills of listening, problem solving, and co-creating desired results.

Additionally, Sandra immersed herself in studying numerous metaphysical subjects while completing specific educational goals: Silva Mind Training, Reiki, a Masters in Metaphysical and Religious Education, ordination as a nondenominational minister, a daily meditation practice, and extensive Akashic Records training.

Sandra continues to collaborate with Chanda Nancy Berlatsky of Sedona, Arizona and Nancy Ring of Charlotte, North Carolina while receiving original material from the Records, as they have for the past 10 years. Whether engaged in co-creating a private Akashic session or sharing her wisdom while training others to explore the Records, Sandra has a distinctive talent. As a paradigm shifting teacher and pioneering innovator in the field of the Akashic Records, she makes complex spiritual processes easily accessible through simple steps.

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Where did Sandra’s journey begin?

Hi there Dear Hearts, Sandra here –

Born in Saudi Arabia, I lived there happily until going away to school at fifteen, first to Rome, then to New York, and finally to colleges in California. From an early age, I experienced diverse cultures, the power of language, and a wealth of ancient knowledge.

Drawn to the mystical by my experiences of a loving God during my non-traditional Catholic upbringing, I grew up having personal conversations with God. However, somewhere in my teens I gradually lost this Divine Connection.

After marrying, my husband and I relocated to Australia for 22 years. Driven to understand why modern medicine couldn’t prevent the suffering of my baby’s repeated tonsillitis, I made a radical choice. I trained as a naturopath and established a thriving practice while helping my young family stay healthy.

Guided to reach out to the Divine through prayer and ritual, I promised to recognize and act on my intuition for the highest good of my clients – regardless of my fears. My desire to be of service ignited a passion for metaphysical studies and an intimate connection to the Divine that 25 years later brought me back to America with my current husband and finally immersed me in the Akashic Records. We are now happily settled in North Carolina.

My karma is to be a catalytic teacher, with strong organizational skills, who nourishes others with metaphysics. Over the past 10 years, it has become my heart’s delight to make the Akashic Records easily accessible to a variety of people. I witness how they grow in self-trust, self-love, self-confidence, as they welcome their own Truth. They begin to listen and learn from their hearts, not their minds. While they co-create self-healing with the Divine, they break through restriction and step into their authentic life purpose – just as I have! Will you join me?

What’s your heart’s desire?

What do you long to fulfill in yourself? 

If you’re ready to step into the Light of the Divine with me and begin making appropriate, supported, and dynamic life changes with Divine Guidance, then it would be my honor to serve as your Akashic guide. If you’d like to explore whether the Records are the next step on your spiritual journey, please contact me below to schedule a complimentary discovery session. I look forward to connecting with you!

In Radiance and Love, 

What others are saying

  • “Excellent – well paced – opened aspects I have not had access to before – from glimpse to full view! Learning to access and explore my Records expanded my personal reference points. During the Two-Day Experiential, I was able to identify and understand blocks which have limited my personal growth. I am thankful. My life is just beginning.”

  • “I want to tell you THANK You! I don’t say this lightly, thank you for saving my life. Not only did you help me decide to continue my current life as healed and renewed, you helped me heal my past lives and my future ones as well. That is nothing less than AWESOME. I can honestly say that I had never been in a lower point on my journey. Now, I feel whole and complete. The work we did together is miraculous. I am so very grateful the universe has arranged our collaboration.”

  • “Module B helped me to increase my confidence in working with my own Records and to trust what I received. Doing this work with others and being in our Records together is so powerful. It is like a great turbo charge.”

  • “During The Akashic Records Module A class I connected to the process and the information gathered as though I had found my other self. I didn’t need another level. I was complete. When Module B was offered and I understood that I could open the Records of Others, I saw connecting with my farm, with the Meditation Garden, and the places that Mother Earth calls to me. I was again given another way to connect with the Divine!”

  • “Our Module B weekend was a marvelous experience. It was gloriously complex, a little scary, and a whole new dimension of learning. Dear Sandra, you are patient and kind and giving. And a gracious teacher. I am signing all my sisters and friends to a session before I think about anything except getting my Akashic internship completed.”

  • “I appreciate the time and energy you put into the Module B Training, and the care you have for our success is evident. I believe we all must experience “the beginning” turmoil with this and every other new area of interest we really want to learn. Thank you for being in my world, I am Blessed.”

  • “When I decided to learn to open my Records and the Records of Others, I thought this is exactly what I will learn to do. However, the depth and breadth of material contained within each Module has changed every aspect of my personal and professional life. I can’t say enough about the content of each Module. The results have far exceeded my expectations.”

  • “Module B provides a quantum leap in Akashic Record work and is a life-changing experience to be cherished. I found this to be a very profound workshop.”

  • “Sandira, you were terrific. You are so gentle, loving, and intentional about giving us the best experience possible. Many thanks to you, your Akashic Alliance partners, and ALL things that helped in creating Module B.”

  • “Doing this work with others, being in our Records together is so powerful. It is like a great turbo charge.”

  • “I feel as though my integration of the material – so much of it! – will continue and that I will build upon it and become more competent with practice. The manual – along with the personal notes I wrote while in the workshop – will be extremely valuable to me in my future practice.”

  • “This is an awesome training and an introduction to a spiritual community with much integrity that I feel will really ground my healing practice. Very grateful for it all as I integrate and expand!”

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